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Rui Cruz

Founder, CEO

Andreia Custódio

Founder, Marketing
Rui Cruz
Andreia Custódio
At LabsForge, we believe that ease and speed in task execution are the key factors that determine the success of businesses and the choices made by professionals.

We are a young team with over 15 years of experience in the field of photography, especially in the development of specialized online software for professional photography. Over these years, we have experienced all the complexities involved in the creation, approval, and production of an album, and we have consistently improved our work to make the entire process more straightforward and efficient.

If you’re a professional photographer, you’ve likely pondered these questions: What is the best program for creating a photo album? How many hours should I dedicate to editing a photo album? How do I present the project to the client for approval? How do I track this process? What is the best lab for printing?

Our mission is to assist all professional photographers in dealing with these challenges by providing intuitive, practical, and user-friendly tools. These tools can save you time, streamline processes, and help you increase your profitability by creating more albums in a single day.

In addition to efficiency, we don’t compromise on design, quality, and perfection in our work. That’s why we have developed ReactivePhotos technology, a photos template engine capable of accommodating any number of photos and ratios while respecting border, distance to page edge, and gap between photos.

We pay attention to every detail and to prevent printing errors and wrong dimensions, we will constantly looking to establish new partnerships with printing labs around the world to facilitate the entire printing process.

Make your next album, your best one yet.

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