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The fastest way to get an approval

Easy-to-use platform that allows you to proof your album and get your customer’s feedback in no time and without ever leaving AlbumTeller!

User friendly interface

Through a simple, clean and easy-to-view interface, your customer will be able to view the album, add comments, or request changes.

Notifications Center

  • Messages and change requests from your customer will be instantly received via email and directly inside the AlbumTeller.

  • On the Notifications Center you are presented with the most recent notifications from top to bottom and grouped by project.
  • You can clear notifications to keep focus on the most important ones and restore them whenever you need.

Proofing Panel

  • Changing requests will be displayed inside the editor as pending tasks.
  • Chat with your customer while editing their album.
  • Manage guests and Revisions.

  • After resolving all tasks, you can publish a new revision, and customers will be notified.

All in one place

Without ever having to leave the editor, you will save a lot of time, get approval faster, and keep your work organized.