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Album design. Redesigned.

We’ve set ourselves the goal to design and create the most intuitive and productive album design tool in the market.
Designing albums doesn’t have to be boring. Give it a try! You won’t regret.

  • macOS
  • Windows
Intuitive workflow

Fast and intuitive

With a few clicks your professional and unique album will be automatically designed. Feel free to add your creativity, explore the Album Teller features and the final result will amaze your customers.

Organize photos
by Chapters

Automatic or Manual
Edition mode

In-App proofing
and notifications

Album chapters

Every great story starts with a chapter.

This unique feature of Album Teller, allows you to create a story by organizing the photos into different chapters. In a very intuitive way, you will be able to control the number of photos and pages per chapter, taking into account the importance of each one in your story.

  • Drop photos to create new chapters

  • Arrange, rename and set different colors

  • Use, edit or create new chapters’ presets

Automatic Editor

Build your album in the blink of an eye.

This feature will save you a lot of time when designing your albums. The editor automatically distributes the chapters and selected photos among the album pages. All you have to do is define the number of pages of the album, or, if you want to be more precise, you can do it per chapter. You can also create chapters’ presets to work even faster and efficiently. You are totally free to edit the design suggested by the Automatic Editor.

  • Rearrange, add or remove photos
  • Mannually edit and lock pages
  • Redefine number of pages

Manual Editor

Let your imagination run free and do it your way.

Customize each page easily with the Manual Editor. You can drag and drop photos anywhere, make adjustments to page padding, photos gap and border, view all possible compositions and shuffle between them. Take advantage of tools such as quality indicators, change photos ratio, in-place cropping, and much more.

  • Shuffle compositions, drag and drop photos anyware
  • Join or Split compositions
  • View all possible combinations

ReactivePhotos Engine

Our ReactivePhotos engine guarantees that the ratio and spacing between photos is perfect throughout the entire project without ever cropping a single photo. Don’t waste more time measuring gaps or editing cropped photos, AlbumTeller will do it for you and guarantee a perfect layout without any limitations.

Pixel perfect without cropping your photos

Endless compositions

Padding, gap and border options

Cloud Proofing

Designed with care and love, with your customers’ experience in mind. Share your album designs with your customers directly through AlbumTeller so that you can get feedback, changing requests and album approval. All this without ever leaving the app. This easy-to-use platform has both web and mobile apps and will for sure amaze your customers, taking your work to the next level.

Projects management

Don’t get lost in your work!

We’ve implemented the best agile techniques to help you keep everything under control. Projects are divided by status: pending, editing, proofing and complete. You can also filter and sort them by name or last-mofified.

Proofing notifications will be displayed in the header section and on each project card.

Search and sort

You can Search and sort your projects by Name and Last modified date

Project options

Directly on project-card you have options to rename, duplicate and delete.

Different layouts

You can view your projects in Columns, List or Grid layout


Proofing notifications will be displayed on the left-bar, home-view header and on each project card.

Dark and Light themes

Albumteller is the only editor on the market that lets you choose between Dark and Light themes. It also detects and adapts to the current operating system theme.

Print labs integration

No more production problems! Always up to date.

Dimensions and other specifications are loaded before you start a new project. If a print lab change an album that you are currently using in a project, you will be notified before export the final print files.

From people like you

  • Carol Souto Mayor

    BrasilCarol Souto Mayor

    Carol Souto Mayor
    “For a long time I always designed my albums using indesign, because I didn’t like the software available with such freedom and interactivity. AlbumTeller’s layouts match my layout style, clean, making the most of each photograph, each significant moment. After all, each page is part of a great story. It’s also super intuitive and fast, speeding up the process. Making it more fluid and lighter. So that designers have more time to spend with clients, capturing, during and after sales.” – translated from Portuguese
  • Bruno Moreira

    PortugalBruno Moreira

    Eternal Moments Produções

    “The software’s intelligent features make it incredibly easy to design professional albums. I fully recommend AlbumTeller, without a doubt the best option on the album design software market.” – translated from Portuguese

  • SpainRicky


    “Amazing tool for professional photographers. The software’s smart features make it incredibly easy to layout professional albums, saving time on layout. With the proofing system for the client, it makes communication more fluid and error free in the changes, comfort between professional and client. I highly recommend AlbumTeller is indispensable for professionals.”. – translated from Spanish

  • ItalyCarlo Arcidiacono

    Karmic Tale Wedding

    “AlbumTeller is really intuitive and smart, you just have to imagine a layout for that photo combination and as if by magic browsing through the combinations AlbumTeller will have already thought of it for you! At that point you upload it to favorites and in no time you’ll have a 40 spreads ready!” – translated from Italian

  • PortugalNuno Frederico

    Detail Photography
    “It’s intuitive, it’s fun, it’s dynamic and, above all, it’s very easy to make changes through the proofing system. For all these reasons, it allows me to explore different ways of working that other software didn’t allow, because they were too static and didn’t evolve with the times, which is not the case here. I only have one thing to say, thank you AlbumTeller, for changing the way I look at album making. keep up the good work!” – translated from Portuguese
  • TurkeyMehmet Küçük


    Albumteller is a life-saving tool for creating photo albums. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and wide selection of templates, you can easily realize any project. The automatic page layout feature allows you to quickly and aesthetically place photos, while the manual editing options offer endless flexibility. Plus, the export process is simple and hassle-free. When you have to make 600 albums a year, as I do, the ease and efficiency of Albumteller is really appreciated.

  • PortugalRicardo Moura

    Ricardo Moura – Photo & Film
    Amazing tool for professional photographers. It helps accelerate album design in a radical way.
  • SpainMoises

    Eriza tu piel

    “Since I’ve been using AlbumTeller the speed of layout and design of albums is not the same, faster, more communicative with the client, in short more time to spend on other tasks or my personal life. It is a very handy tool, and indispensable for me”. – translated from Spanish

  • Lulu & Lime


    Lulu & Lime
    I’m loving AlbumTeller. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. And eventhough it’s in its early stages of release, the AlbumTeller team are working their butts off to make it the best album design software out there. So far I’d say they’ve ticked that box. Especially from a pricing perspective. They’re enabling all levels of album designers to produce a very high standard at appropriate pricing. I am definitely team AlbumTeller.

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