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Only the best for your customers.

We know how important it is to exceed customers’ expectations.
So that you can deliver the best products in the market, our specialized team carefully establishes partnerships with the best printing labs. Whether your business is focused on wedding photography, or family, newborn or studio photography, you can find expert partners for printing your albums that meet the highest quality standards.

Your favorite lab is not in this list?

No problem, tell us where you prefer to print your albums and we will contact them to join our group of partners.

I am a printing lab

If you are a printing lab and would like to join the AlbumTeller community, please click on the register button bellow and submit your registration on our Printing Labs App.

Why should I be part of the Printing Labs list?

First of all and most important: we will work closely with you so that together we can make our businesses grow.

We will make your life easier

We built a dedicated app where you can manage your public profile and all your products. Here you can edit or add all sorts of information: dimensions, bleeds, safe-zones, printing resolution and page bindings, etc.

Customers won’t miss a thing

Whenever you change a product, our customers will be notified to update the product on their project, so that they can be aware of any changes and you don’t have to handle outdated products.

Global exposure

By being announced on our site, you will increase your organic traffic. On top of that and most importantly, you will guarantee direct exposure to new customers not only from your country but worldwide. Join us now and secure your place.